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The Cut of the Cloth

Since 1937, members of Motion Picture Costumers, IATSE Local 705 have been an important part of the creative team that evoke emotions and transport audiences to exotic places and times — past or future — through the visual influence of costumes.
Worn by the biggest stars in Hollywood and the background players in crowd scenes since the earliest days of motion pictures, costumes have helped set the mood, reveal the character and tell the story that inspires the public’s movie-going experience. Whether they are period or modern costumes, they are an integral part of the filmmaker’s vision and vital in stirring the imagination and influencing the audiences’ interpretation of the character through the costumes.
Now more that 1,800 strong, MPC 705 members take pride in the skills they contribute to live and filmed television shows, feature films and commercials.Costumers work on location shoots, movie studios, studio costume departments, costume rental houses and made-to-order costume houses. Together they form the Motion Picture Costumers and are affiliated with the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, AFL-CIO.IATSE Local 705 supports its members in many different ways. Its primary function is to represent members in the collective bargaining process and to enforce its collective bargaining agreements. Through education and training programs, MPC 705 provides opportunities for its members to enhance their skills. MPC 705 also provides opportunities for its members to promote their skills and network for new contacts at union-sponsored job-marketing events.