About Us

Who We Are
We dress. We build. We conquer.
Dressing The Part Since 1937

We are costumers. Tireless, detail-oriented, continuity guards always in search of the exact fabric. We don't sleep until every actor is in character perfectly dressed. We know the script backward and forward, and do research. We pull, fit, pin, sew, create, and shop. And we build.

We are the unsung heroes behind the scenes. We always come through, in the crunch, around the clock--turning actors and background players into queens and kings, hippies and warriors, rock stars and robbers.

We are IATSE Local 705, better known as the Motion Picture Costumers. We have been doing our job with art, expertise, and style for over 80 years.

What We Do
Our Art. Our Skills.
Our Art - In Character. Our Skills - In Action

Motion Picture Costumers are skilled, creative experts who make every costume design a reality — no matter what the demands of the production. Our professionals can make a t-shirt fit an actor like a second skin. They’re the ones whose work you see in the intricate beading on an evening jacket showcased in HD, a convincing Jackie O. pillbox in perfect pink, or a well-tailored suit on a dashing vampire.

When it comes to the fine points of costuming we do it all, with a variety of creative experience that allows the filmmaker’s wildest visions to be realized. We’re artisans and craftspeople who pour our passion and mastery into creating costumes.

We’ve diversified and specialized into numerous expert roles, from dyers and drapers to outfitters and finished costumers. Character meets craft in the details with Motion Picture Costumers IATSE Local 705. Producers and costume designers count on us because we’ve got it covered in six different membership classifications.

What We Offer
We've Got You Covered.
We've Got Our Members Covered

We love our work and our community. We join together as a union to protect our health and welfare--and make sure we receive the financial rewards we are due for the hard work we put in. As affiliates of I.A.T.S.E., The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, we ensure our members guaranteed wage scales, hours of employment, safe working conditions, health and pension benefits – and that’s just the beginning. We’ve got their back, guiding and standing up for them through work-related challenges.

The Fabric of Support

We support our members by representing them in the collective bargaining process, then by enforcing those collective bargaining agreements. We provide education and training for members to build and enhance their skill sets.

The IATSE Local 705 also creates opportunities for members to promote themselves and network at job-marketing events. Belonging to our union brings members into a proud and powerful family of fellow costumers that offers the security and protection from exploitation that nonunion costumers lack.

We Help Others

As a responsible labor union, we reach out beyond our own interests and dedicate our resources to help support working families in our community through charitable donations. We are passionately involved in community outreach programs, and generously support charities like the United Way, the Motion Picture and Television Fund, the Actor’s Fund, our own IATSE Local 705 scholarship program, and more.

Make Your Voice Heard

To be an active and effective labor union, it is vital to establish close ties with our elected officials. We partner with other unions and Hollywood IATSE Locals to help elect political candidates who reflect our values, advocate for working families, and are sympathetic to labor, the needs of our members, and the film industry as a whole.