Meet Black Panther Specialty Costumer Federico Cervantes

In celebration of the 76th Golden Globe Awards, we sat down with MPC 705 member and Black Panther Specialty Costumer Federico Cervantes to discuss his biggest challenges and successes while working on this critically acclaimed blockbuster. Read more to learn how Federico got started in costuming and how he stays safe on the job!

The 705 Spotlight: David Swope, MPC 705 Business Rep and Supervisor

Film and television are collaborative in nature, bringing career specialties together to make art. Motion Picture Costumers Local 705 has many classification and specialties under its purview alone–the Supervisor brings the costume arts all together with the Costume Designer to work as cohesive team. Our new Business Rep and longtime Supervisor David Swope seemed the natural choice to tell us all about the key role of the Supervisor.

Meet Atypical Pattern Maker and Fitter Yuan Hua

Fall brings the change of foliage, cooler weather, the familiar scent of pumpkin spice and our personal favorite — fall television premieres. I sat down to chat with Pattern Maker and Fitter* Yuan Hua to talk about her work on Atypical season two, recently premiered on Netflix.

The 705 Spotlight: Melissa Kidd, Set Costumer

Set Costumer Melissa Kidd began her career studying theatre, tech/design, and costume design, gaining hands-on experience as an intern and later as a PA. Her experience as a PA connected her with the right people and shortly after, she landed her first non-union costuming job, which later turned into a low-budget union job and joined MPC 705. Since that time she has discovered a passion for the ins and outs of set costuming and honed her skills in wardrobe issues and day-of troubleshooting, as well as on set strategy and logistics. Read on to learn more about her love for set costuming and the places it has taken her! 

Meet Peppermint Pattern Maker and Fitter Natalia Gattini

As a Pattern Maker and Fitter for the action-revenge film Peppermint starring Jennifer Garner, MPC 705 member Natalia Gattini made patterns to fit the actors, then built the costumes to bring the designers’ visions to life. These costumes, designed by Lindsay McKay and ACD Kayti Haugh, did an amazing job of setting the time and place of this film, while the costumers focused on the many multiples needed to keep up with the high number of different bloody scenes portraying Garner’s battles with the cartel who destroyed her family. We sat down with Natalia to learn more about her career in costuming, the biggest challenges working on this new film, and how important being part of MPC 705 and union membership is to her and her career.