Motion Picture Costumers to Host San Diego Comic-Con 2018 Panel

Come see us Friday, 7/20 at 3pm in Grand 9, Marriot Marquis San Diego Marina for this year’s MPC 705 Panel at San Diego Comic-Con! Hollywood’s top Costume Makers not only take advantage of rapidly changing technology; we contribute to those concepts, innovations, and tools. Come learn “HOW” in this introductory panel featuring Costumers from some of the years biggest films: Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity War, and Thor: Ragnarok.

The 705 Spotlight: Carmen M. Lozano, Set Costumer

Set Costumer Carmen Lozano has always been fascinated by the beauty, detail, and history of costumes. She got her start working in theater, an experience she considers to be one of her most artistically fulfilling. From there she began working in costume houses and costume departments, eventually landing her first studio job at Warner Bros before going on to work on iconic TV shows like Star Trek and General Hospital.

Her most creative costuming experience: custom making a prison costume for a dog.

Her most memorable experience: working on Bob Mackie’s Spring 1992 Collection.

Her advice for aspiring costumers: learn to sew and study clothing history.

The 705 Spotlight: John Van Hout, Women’s Custom Made Pattern Maker/Fitter

Women’s Custom Made Pattern Maker/Fitter John Van Hout has been in the business of costuming for over two decades. Originally starting his career in the world of theatre, he moved into work for TV, film, and commercials and has worked on a huge variety of different projects. A proud union member, he believes a costumer’s education is never finished.

His most memorable experience: joining MPC 705.

How he got into costuming: the world of theatre.

What he has worked on: Over fifty movies, TV series, pilots, and commercials.

The 705 Spotlight: Hossein Namdar, Key Cutter/Fitter & Tailor

Originally from Tehran, Hossein Namdar is a Key Cutter/Fitter and a Tailor for both men and women’s costumes. He has been a costumer since 1986, landing a career milestone film job in 2001, when he served as a Cutter/Fitter on Steven Spielberg’s A.I. Artificial Intelligence. That same year he served as a Tailor on Jim Carrey’s The Majestic. He has gone on to work on acclaimed TV shows such as Star Trek, Justified, Masters of Sex, and Westworld.

His most memorable experience: working on Star Trek.

He loves: working on ‘50s era costumes.

The most creative thing he has done on short notice: putting together Shaq’s Kazaam costume.