The 705 Spotlight: Laura Wong, Fabric Buyer

Fabric Buyer Laura Wong began her career studying costume design, gaining hands-on experience as a PA on the set of a period film. Since that time she has discovered a passion for the prep side of costuming and honed her skills building new costumes, scouring costume houses, and sourcing materials from vintage to modern. Read on to get her advice for aspiring costumers and to learn about her love for the art of kimono dressing.

How she got educated in costuming: by working as a PA on a period film.

Her most memorable experience: working on the set of Key and Peele, where the schedule could call for everything from barbarian to church ladies costumes — all in one day.

Her advice for aspiring costumers: take care of yourself, travel, and experience other cultures.

The 705 Spotlight: Rebecca Leigh Adams, Set Costumer

Originally a fashion design student, Set Costumer and MPC 705 member Rebecca Leigh Adams quickly realized her passion for costuming film and TV. After getting on-the-job training through her experiences on American Film Institute student films and staffing non-union commercials and films, she became a union member and began working on fan favorites like The Newsroom and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Read on to learn about some of her most interesting on set challenges and to get her advice for becoming a professional costumer.

What originally inspired her: a love for costume dramas.

Her most creative short notice costume solution: creating a pregnancy belly from an old hood.

Her advice for aspiring costumers: find a program in LA where you can get costume house experience.

Motion Picture Costumers to Host San Diego Comic-Con 2018 Panel

Come see us Friday, 7/20 at 3pm in Grand 9, Marriot Marquis San Diego Marina for this year’s MPC 705 Panel at San Diego Comic-Con! Hollywood’s top Costume Makers not only take advantage of rapidly changing technology; we contribute to those concepts, innovations, and tools. Come learn “HOW” in this introductory panel featuring Costumers from some of the years biggest films: Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity War, and Thor: Ragnarok.

The 705 Spotlight: Carmen M. Lozano, Set Costumer

Set Costumer Carmen Lozano has always been fascinated by the beauty, detail, and history of costumes. She got her start working in theater, an experience she considers to be one of her most artistically fulfilling. From there she began working in costume houses and costume departments, eventually landing her first studio job at Warner Bros before going on to work on iconic TV shows like Star Trek and General Hospital.

Her most creative costuming experience: custom making a prison costume for a dog.

Her most memorable experience: working on Bob Mackie’s Spring 1992 Collection.

Her advice for aspiring costumers: learn to sew and study clothing history.