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Per I.A.T.S.E. Constitution Article Seventeen and MPC Local 705 Constitution Article Three, Section 7.3.C, any member may file a protest to the election results so long as the protest is:

  • Submitted by a member—anonymous protests will not be processed;
  • Submitted in writing—phone calls or voicemail messages to Local 705’s office will not be processed;
  • Received between Wednesday, May 9 and Thursday, May 24 (International Constitution allows local unions to have a maximum protest period of 15 days and the International Constitution supplants any conflicting provisions in local union constitutions)—Any protests submitted before the election results were tallied will not be processed unless they are resubmitted during the protest period and comply with all other requirements;
  • Emailed to, hand-delivered to the Local 705 office, or sent by mail to Local 705 office to the attention of the “Election Review Committee” (At the May 2018 Executive Board meeting, the Executive Board delegated its authority to decide election protests to a committee of five members with two additional members serving as alternates—these seven members are not running for any officer position or to be a delegate); and
  • Submitted with a statement of a valid reason for protesting the election based on Local 705’s Constitution, the I.A.T.S.E. Constitution, or applicable federal labor law.

The Election Review Committee will meet after the protest period has concluded, and will notify the protesting member of their decision in writing along with the basis for the decision.

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