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Meet Douriean Fletcher, Special Costume Manufacturer on Black Panther

Pasadena, CA native and MPC 705 member Douriean Fletcher’s latest work can be seen in this week’s release of the hotly-anticipated film Black Panther. She creates wearable art pieces inspired by the African diaspora and her studies in South Africa. Fletcher’s handmade jewelry tells a story and conveys character; her work has previously been featured on NCIS: New Orleans, The Voice, Roots, and TLC’s The Beauty Masters. MPC 705 was able to catch up with her and get a brief rundown on her craft and her creations for this monumental film.

The 705 Spotlight: Lisa Marie Harris, Key Costumer and Costume Designer

Lisa Marie Harris began her career designing clothes and dressing windows before making the leap to Hollywood and delving into music videos and commercials. She uses her ingenuity on-set to create costume accessories seemingly out of thin air and to deal with growing child actors and changing sizes.