The leadership of the Motion Picture Costumers, IATSE Local 705, affiliated with IATSE under the auspices of the AFL-CIO, advocates passionately for its members so they can enjoy healthy, safe working conditions and earn fair wages for their work. Board members also spearhead our community outreach efforts and internal decision-making concerning membership groups, policies and anything else relevant to our Union. Leadership opportunities extend from the Executive Board to the numerous committees that give members the opportunity to take an active role in union governance, service projects, membership issues, political action, negotiation, technology and policy-making.

Executive Board

Our Leadership Team

The general membership elects representatives to serve a three-year term on our Executive Board. Each of our six membership groups is represented on the board, which meets once a month. The board leadership also works with our committees to determine what charities and other community resources we will work with in our outreach efforts.

Tammy Williamson

Vice President

David Swope

Business Representative

Bethany Jane Bohatila

Asst. Business Representative

Amy Elise Roberts


Sarah Basta

Women’s Finished

Kelly O'Gurian

Men’s Finished

Catherine Wall

Women’s Custom Made

Perry Ash

Costume House Custom Made

William Hoffman

Live Television

JJ Rodriguez

Costume House

Rebecca Graves  



The Motion Picture Costumers IATSE Local 705 committees offer crucial input and support to the smooth functioning and success of our union. Except where noted, the President of IATSE Local 705 appoints committee members who serve concurrently with the President’s term of office. Committees assist the Officers and the Executive Board in conducting the business of the Local. Committee chairs notify committee members of meetings. Some of the current committees listed below are constitutionally mandated and others were created to meet the specific needs of our membership. All of them serve a valuable purpose for MPC Local 705 and we encourage your participation.

For each of the six membership group committees, the following applies:

Any member of each of the six membership groups may become a committee member of their representative group. Meetings are held at least twice per year to review all applicants for membership and current members seeking reclassification with the group. Each membership group committee handles all matters pertaining to Union members in their particular membership group:

  • Women’s Finished Costume Membership Committee
  • Men’s Finished Costume Membership Committee
  • Women’s Custom-Made Membership Committee
  • Men’s Custom-Made Membership Committee
  • Costume House Membership Committee
  • Live Television Costumers Membership Committee
  • Welfare Committee

    Open to all IATSE Local 705 members; meetings are held monthly or as necessary to take care of the business of administering the Welfare Fund to members in need of assistance and to sponsor the Retirees’ Luncheon. This committee supports projects throughout the year to supplement the Welfare Fund, and administers the Death Benefit Fund.

  • Audit and Finance Committee

    This three-member Committee is open to all members in good standing of the Local who are not elected officers, and serves to advise on matters relating to the financial affairs of the Local such as the operating budget, expenditures, and audit of the Union books. The Audit and Finance Committee meets as necessary, when required to take care of the business of the Local.

  • Education Committee

    Open to all IATSE Local 705 members in good standing. This Committee’s purpose is to help facilitate the advanced education of our members by providing classes in both core costuming and a variety in specialized areas. The Education Committee meets as necessary to plan and complete each project.

  • Constitution and By-Laws Committee

    Open to all IATSE Local 705 members. Meetings are held once per month to review and update the Constitution and By-Laws to create compliance with changes in Union policies, changes in IATSE Constitution and By-Laws, and changes in labor law which affect this Local. Appropriate amendment procedures are followed when this Committee recommends changes.

  • Election Committees

    The President of 705 appoints the Election Committees for specific elections. Members are appointed based on Constitutional rules governing that election, and the Committee is dissolved immediately after the election is finalized.

  • Negotiating Committees

    The members of the Membership Group involved in the negotiations at hand elect these Committees. The election and function of the Negotiating Committees are specifically outlined in the Constitution of the Local, and are restricted to a particular contract negotiation, after which the Committee is dissolved.

  • Events Committee

    Open to all IATSE Local 705 members in good standing. This committee is dedicated to creating events that bring members together in Union solidarity and raises the visibility and respect of costumers and the Local. The Events Committee also has subcommittees dedicated to creating Local 705 awareness in large public forums such as the Comic-Con Convention. These committees meet as necessary to complete each project.

  • Technology Committee

    This committee is open to all IATSE Local 705 members in good standing. The technology committee is dedicated to providing technical support and recommendations to the IATSE Local 705 Social Media and website.

  • Young Workers Committee

    The Young Workers committee is an IATSE-wide project involved with community outreach/charity events that unify both the Local 705 and the IATSE. They also engage in solution-based conversations dealing with problems specific to young workers, generally defined as workers less than 35 years of age.

  • Heritage Committee

    This committee highlights the history of costumers and the achievements of their support network. They conduct interviews that spotlight our craftspeople encompassing a diverse population of men, women, LGBTQ and immigrants in Los Angeles. These interviews are archived for the future through a partnership with UCLA Library.

  • Vision Quest Committee

    This committee looks at the Local’s needs and creates goals for it on a three, six, and nine-year basis in order to make the wants and needs of the membership easily achievable by our leadership, staff, and relevant committees. This committee lies dormant in between researching and surveying the membership.

  • Library Committee

    This committee is open to all members in good standing as exists to keep the IATSE Local 705 Library organized, managed, and updated for easy use by members. This committee meets when necessary to complete these tasks.

  • Parent Support Committee

    This committee is open to all members and meets every month to discuss the challenges of being working parents in the entertainment industry in a solution-based way while sharing resources.