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What do those job titles in the Costume Department mean and what do they do? Learn from MPC 705 members exactly how Motion Picture Costume Department is put together.

Part 1

Finished Costumers
MPC 705 Costumers of each job description explain who we are, what we do, and how it fits into the needs of the Costume Department. Special presentation following the path of a garment through all the hands that manage it in a Costume House.


Part 2

Custom Made Costumers
From the Women’s Custom Made Manufacturing Foreperson to the Stitcher, the Men’s Custom Made Tailor Cutter to the Alteration Tailor, and the Specialty Department—all have key parts in the creation, alteration, and building of a full costume. Learn what all 16 designations do to bring costumes to life.

Heritage Project: Tattoo Stories

MPC 705 members share how they have commemorated their journey to the Costume Department in their tattoos. 

Heritage Project: Retiree’s Luncheon

Once a Costumer, always a Costumer.